Summer Times

1st April to 31st Oct


Before 11am 25 points

11am – 3pm 18 points

After – 3pm 12 points


Before 11am 18 points

11am – 3pm 15 points

After – 3pm 12 points

Winter Times

1st Nov to 31st March


Before 10am 25 points

10am – 12 noon 18 points

After – 12 noon 12 points


Before 10am 18 points

10am – 12 noon 15 points

After – 12 noon 12 points

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How Flexi Membership Works

350 is converted into points (350) and depending on what time of day you play, points will be deducted. Another 20 goes towards your member benefit package of discounts at 1,300 other UK courses, worldwide 3rd party golf insurance and a price golf lesson.



Oxley Park Golf Club



Top up at 100.00 per time. Depending on when in the week you choose to play, your initial 350 points will be enough to play Oxley between 14 and 29 times before you will need to top up.

Allowable competitions:

Monthly Medals & Stablefords excluding Knockout and Honours Board Competitions (Cups etc).

Obtain a CONGU Handicap.

Adult Membership ** SPECIAL OFFER in 2018: No joining fees **

Full seven day membership includes unlimited free golf on every day the course is open and unrestricted entry to competitions. Adult members also receive an extensive member benefit package (see below) including discounts at 1,300 UK courses, complimentary rounds for three guests, worldwide third party golf insurance, a half price golf lesson, and discounted green fees for guests of members. You also pay 50 to credit your clubhouse card for use when purchasing drinks and food at a 15% member discount. There is an option to pay fees monthly via standing order for a small surcharge.

For group discounts of 4, 6, 8, or more players joining together, there is a sliding scale of discounts, but all must join at the same time. Please call the office for more details. 01902 773989 ext 2.

Seven Day: 906 (=17.37 per week) for unlimited course access

Weekday: 770 (=14.77 per week) for unlimited play Monday to Friday

Country (2nd club): 325 (=6.23 per week)

Intermediate membership for younger adults also gives unlimited course access:

Aged 26-29: 453 (=8.69 per week) ** 50% off full adult rate**

Aged 23-25: 302 (=5.79 per week) ** 67% off full adult rate**

Aged 18-22: 181 (=3.47 per week) ** 80% off full adult rate**

Junior Membership

Age 12 to 17 years (at 1st April) 75 ** Reduced rate for 2018 **

Age up to 11 years (at 1st April) 25 ** Reduced rate for 2018 **

Juniors are offered FREE Group Coaching Sessions, held on Saturday mornings with one of our PGA team, and other member benefits (see below).


3. Three vouchers for guests to play a round with a member free of green fee charges at some off peak times in the Summer and at any time after 1st October. This allows you for example to form a fourball with your invited three guests. (Offered to 7 and 5 day members but not intermediates, juniors or flexi-members). Guests paying discounted green fees can play with members at any time.

4. Voucher for one half price golf lesson with an OPGC professional (Offered to all adult members). Separate arrangements are also in place for free group coaching for ladies and juniors.

Member Benefit Package 2018/19

These benefits are included in the 2018 subscription rates shown above i.e. at no extra cost:

1. Worldwide third party golf insurance (All members). This gives full cover for claims brought against you by third parties for their personal injury or property damage arising from your golfing activities.

2. Free “Intercounty Card” allowing discounted golf at courses across England (All members other than juniors with handicaps over 28). This allows members to play golf at a discounted rate at each of 1,300 clubs across England (one round max per club) giving great value for money. The courses you can use it on are listed here: